Basamh Trading Co

A Family in the Business
of Delivering Quality Moments of Value

Basamh Trading Company (BTC) was established in 1948, and since then, it has been a leading provider of go-to-market solutions in Saudi Arabia. It caters to a wide range of businesses, such as wholesalers, retailers, pharmacies, distribution centers, and e-commerce platforms. With a rich history spanning over 7 decades, BTC has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy distributor. 

At BTC, we believe we are a family in the business of delivering quality moments of value. The “family” concept extends to encompass all our stakeholders: our people, customers, partners, shoppers, and consumers. We recognize that our success and legacy are a result of the collective effort of our family in business, which will help us achieve our vision of becoming the expert of choice in FMCG go-to-market solutions in Saudi Arabia. 

BTC is ranked the 3rd largest among Food Distributors and the 4th largest in FMCG Distributions in Saudi Arabia, as per Nielson's study conducted in 2021. In 2022, BTC was ranked as one of the top 10 distributors in Asia as per Asia Business Outlook magazine.


FMCG Categories

600 +


15 k+

Retail Outlets

15 +

Locations in KSA

We are a family in the business of delivering quality moments of value.

To be the expert-of-choice in GTM solutions for consumer goods in Saudi

Our trusted partners are the cornerstones of our journey, providing us with the support to deliver top-tier solutions. Through collaboration and shared dedication, we collectively drive the growth and prosperity of our business and the satisfaction of our customers.