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Our Story

Humble Beginnings to a Growth Powerhouse

In 1948, our founder, Sheikh Ahmed Saeed Basamh, worked his way from a store employee to an owner and, along with his brothers and sons, established Basamh Trading Company (BTC). BTC quickly became a trusted distributor for market-leading brands, fostering multi-decade-long exclusive distribution agreements with Nestle, General Mills, and S.C. Johnson, as well as manufacturing joint ventures.
With the same passion and commitment, the Goody brand was created. It was one of the first to provide quality food products, like mayonnaise and peanut butter, in the country. For more than 50 years now, Goody has been a market leader in multiple food categories, becoming the most penetrated household brand and ranking in the top two most chosen brands in Saudi Arabia.

Being part of the Basamh Group is about staying ahead. One of our fastest-growing HoReCa companies, SFS, is proof of that. It has progressed from a catering department to a full-fledged food solutions service provider. With SFS, we distribute high-quality products to hotels, restaurants, and cafes across the country, serving our customers with solutions and expertise that add constant value.
In 2018, we embarked on a journey to create a growth powerhouse, combining the expertise and resources of our companies into the Basamh Group. Providing strategic guidance, best-in-class services and resources, synergy across subsidiary companies, and opportunities for further growth, Basamh Group continues its journey to create an ecosystem of people and companies that pioneer breakthrough practices.

The Basamh Group’s story is a true testament to the power of growth - through people. Inspired by the growth of a humble man’s vision, our people have shaped a culture of excellence, partnership, and family spirit within its very core. We are tirelessly exploring and innovating opportunities for growth with a passionate and fearless team who are continuously challenging what is possible.

  1. Founded by Ahmed Saeed Basamh

    1948 - 1954

  2. Exclusive Distribution Agreements

    1955 - 1976

  3. Multinational Brands Partnership

    1977 - 1988

  4. Joint Venture for Local Production

    1989 - 1998

  5. Pioneering FMCG Market

    1999 - 2017

  6. Pioneering FMCG Market


To be the best-in-class ecosystem in MEA that pioneers breakthrough practices to enable the growth of our people and companies

We exist to enable home-grown successes that inspire generations of future leaders

These values shape our identity and guide us as we navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and evolve as an organization.


True Ownership

We believe we are accountable for our business by treating it as our own.


Passion for Growth

We believe in working with passion
 and delivering excellence in
 whatever we do.



We believe in building long-lasting relationships built through trust
 and integrity.


Family Spirit

We believe in being ambassadors of the group, living its values whether we are inside or outside it.

75 Years of Growth

75 years. It’s one impressively long journey
And journeys this long are not for travelers
They’re taken by pioneers
A family of pioneers.

Out there, it’s all about business;
numbers, profits, balance sheets, and route-to-market strategies
But it’s different in here
In here, people come before profits.

Sure, we source and deliver, stock and shelve, market and sell
but you know what we truly wake up for every morning?
For the simple joy of knowing that
every single day we’re making it possible for several families out there
to create moments that matter in their homes, for their families.

We are more than just distributors or marketeers.
We are disrupters; we are the ones who push back the horizons,
And this is the journey we’re on:
never settling, constantly evolving and continuously growing.

Perhaps that’s why 75 years doesn’t really seem long to us.
In our relentless quest for growth, it feels like we’re just getting started
Here’s to another 75 years of moving future forward -
of dreaming bigger, scaling higher and delivering more, together.